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Since 1990, The Hall Law Group, P.C. has provided quality counsel, and sound, cost-effective legal solutions to individuals and businesses throughout South Georgia and surrounding counties. With nearly 60 years of combined legal experience, our lawyers have earned the respect of clients and South Georgia’s legal community by providing the highest quality legal work, professionalism, and ethical standards. Our attorneys have represented clients in many courts from Municipal Court, all the way up to the Supreme Court of Georgia. We are proud to assist those in need of representation and help protect the children in our communities.

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Statesboro Asset Protection Lawyer | Hall Law Group, P.C. | Statesboro | Effiingham


Statesboro Family Law Attorney | Hall Law Group, PC | Statesboro | Effiingham


Statesboro Asset Protection Lawyer | Hall Law Group, P.C. | Statesboro | Effiingham


Statesboro Criminal Law Attorney | Hall Law Group, P.C. | Statesboro | Effiingham


Divorce Attorney | Statesboro GA | Effingham GA | The Hall Law Group P.C.


Statesboro Wills & Probate Attorney | Hall Law Group, P.C. | Statesboro | Effiingham


DUI Defense Attorney | MIP Lawyer | The Hall Law Group, P.C. | Statesboro, GA Effingham, GA


Child Custody Attorney | Statesboro GA | Effingham GA | The Hall Law Group P.C.


Statesboro Personal Injury Attorney | Hall Law Group, P.C. | Statesboro GA | Effiingham GA


Martha Hall | Family Law Attorney | Divorce | Child Custody | Adoption | Statesboro GA Effingham GA | The Hall Law Group, P.C.Martha Hall

Mike Hall | Bankruptcy Attorney | Wills and Probate | Statesboro GA Effingham GA | The Hall Law Group, P.C.J. Michael Hall

Paige Boykin | Attorney | Bankruptcy | Family Law | Divorce | The Hall Law Group P.C. Statesboro GA Effingham GAPaige Boykin Navarro

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"You helped me restore my faith in so much that looked bleak and decrepit. Along this bumpy road, my lovely daughter is safe, and home, and starting to find peace again…Thank you. All the pieces unfolded and fell into place through a progression only the Lord could have planned. But the people who fulfilled his plan did it through greatness and kindness and strength. In my opinion you and Martha have done Gods work and the Judge came through! I am indebted to you both. Please understand, I can be a force and support as well. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. I still have a long way to go…so I hope that statement is true. My commitment to be there for you is equally strong. It will be a tough journey. I Pray. You guys are amazing. Thank you for everything."

Bonnie Gringer

Client Testimonial

"I just have to say the professionalism and conduct of the Hall and Hall attorneys was fantastic from the time we walked in the door. We met Sarah then Mrs. Martha Hall. They were all very attentive and compassionate. Kara, our paralegal, was always there for us. She was always there via email or phone contact. We had a very sensitive legal case and Mrs. Martha Hall walked us through it with compassion and professionalism. I cannot say enough good things about this group or thank them enough for doing what needed to be done."

Mya and Dean Cape

Client Testimonial

"This review is in regards to how attorney Martha Hall handled my cases. Before Martha Hall, I was taken advantage of in family court in Jefferson County and Effingham County with sub par attorneys that resulted in rulings that were unfair to me and created headaches and financial difficulties. I experienced three attorneys before Martha Hall. I never felt that I had equal representation in the courthouse, until I discovered Martha Hall. Since I have hired Martha Hall, I have had equal or better representation and my cases have closed with fair rulings. This is solely a result of having Martha Hall as my attorney. I will not change thus moving forward if I need any legal services. She is worth every penny."

Ken Gibson

Client Testimonial

"We were referred to Mike Hall by a friend who told us that if they had used him in the beginning, they would have had a lot better result. Using Mike ourselves, we have had the same experience. Mike is very personable and gave us some very wise council. We could tell he was trying to help us. We have used him for several issues that have come up, and he has always handled them in a professional and timely manner. He is quick to answer emails or phone calls, and takes his time answering all of your questions. We are very pleased with his services and would highly recommend him to anyone who has a legal problem."

Lynn & Pam Kelley

Client Testimonial

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